Knäppa bilder

Man vet sin ålder när man talar om att ta ett kort eller knäppa en bild. Varför då fortsätta, de flesta bilder är väl redan förevigade. Det kanske bara är den gamla samlargenen i oss som gör att vi måste dokumentera det vi ser och de vi möter. Lättare att lagra på minneskort, i mobil eller dator än att försöka minnas allt vi upplevt. Men motiven finns överallt, kanske de säger något om vår samtid i en avlägsen framtid. Annars kan man väl bara få ta lite knäppa bilder…..

Strömstad – 3 mars 2023

Publicerad av Hans

The blog is an attempt to give you all a piece of life in the outdoors. The richnes of life that is interwoven in an unbelievable pattern. Where we as humans are just one of the species in the crowd. A humble approach to nature should be our starting point.

5 reaktioner till “Knäppa bilder

  1. It’s a powerful urge, to document what we see. The number of images – it’s completely impossible to imagine how many there are now, across the world. But right here, right now, like Denise, I’m drawn to the middle two images. 🙂


    1. Thanks, the thought of all these pictures makes me think sometimes. In the future, will we look at them as we see in hundred-year-old black and white photos or will they disappear like all the color negatives that we threw away during the era of the pocket camera in the 60s and 70s, when all images came from the lab on paper. The images that spin up in the cloud have, at best, a date stamp left. But whether someone gets a chance to read all the blog posts with associated images in the future feels uncertain. In any case, it still feels important to be better at putting words to the pictures if someone is to be able to understand them, which my post was a bad example of, I realize with this.

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      1. It’s very challenging, putting words with images, and much more so when readers have to use a translator. I admire your ability to write in at least two languages. If we are curious about what someone else thinks then we try to understand what they said even if the translation is weird. 🙂
        I suppose all our photos in the cloud will disappear not long after we do. Sometimes I think about making a physical book from a selection of my posts – that might last long enough for grandchildren to see it. There are just too many people in the world now, too many human-made things. But I still want to make more. Things, not people. 😉

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