Levande vatten 2023:15

Bäcken Mono 1

Musik: The Coldest Shoulder – The126ers

Bäcken, Strömstad – 21 april 2023

Publicerad av Hans

The blog is an attempt to give you all a piece of life in the outdoors. The richnes of life that is interwoven in an unbelievable pattern. Where we as humans are just one of the species in the crowd. A humble approach to nature should be our starting point.

5 reaktioner till “Levande vatten 2023:15

  1. This video is more abstract than the others that I saw and I like them all. What happens in this one with the patterns introduces another layer of complexity. I heard the bird, too, but it sounded like a different one – not the warbler you showed earlier.

    Gillad av 1 person

  2. Första tanken var: jag vill nog ha färg. Men ju mer abstrakta bilderna blev desto bättre förstod jag ditt val. Helsnyggt och läckert.



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