Photoart II

Vad är viktigast, bilden eller djuret? Ibland känns det rätt att få uttrycka sin subjektiva uppfattning om det levande. Att återge allt riktigt blir ändå subjektivt, redan då man väljer ut bildvinkel, brännvidd på objektiv, makro eller överblick etc. Men hur långt kan man gå utan att individens karaktär försvinner helt? Rätt eller fel, kanske både ock !?

Jag fann denna padda i skuggan under en liten buske i ett torrt dike. Den hade försökt gräva ner sig i den allt för torra jorden i kanten på åkern. Blicken var som fastfrusen, inte en blinkning när jag försiktigt kröp ner på paddans nivå. Dess hud verkar förhistorisk i sina former och skiftande kulörer. Det mest anmärkningsvärda är ändå ögonen, både form och färg, men framförallt intensiteten i blicken.

Vanlig padda (Bufo bufo), Strömstad, Dårskilds högar, 2020-06-23

Short summery:

What is most important, the image or the animal? Sometimes it feels right to express the subjective view of the living animals. To reproduce everything right, still becomes subjective, as soon as you are choosing an photo angle, focal length of the objective, macro or overview etc. But how far can one go without the individual’s character completely disappears? Right or wrong, maybe both!

I found this toad in the shade under a small bush in a dry ditch. It had tried to bury itself into the dry soil at the edge of a field. The look was like frozen, not a wink when I gently crawled down to the level of the toad. Its skin seems prehistoric in its forms and varying colors. Still, the most remarkable are the eyes, both shape and color, but above all the intensity of the gaze.

Publicerad av Hans

The blog is an attempt to give you all a piece of life in the outdoors. The richnes of life that is interwoven in an unbelievable pattern. Where we as humans are just one of the species in the crowd. A humble approach to nature should be our starting point.

7 reaktioner till “Photoart II

  1. I think it all depends on how the subject initially presents itself, and how one can best make the most of it. Photographs can be purely representable or ‘arty’, or even a combination of both. An image that provokes an emotion, whether it is a painting or a photograph is art in my book. Both images are excellent, but the top image full on face view with the darker undertones and those bright coppery eyes is stunning, and art in itself. Nice work, Hans!

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I admit that I purposely changed the first picture into black and white, except for the eyes. I wanted to highlight the eyes and tone down the surroundings. The expression was more important in this case.

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  2. It is interesting to photograph from different angles and try to get images at the ground level. It changes the perspective totally. When you get close enough to your subject you see details like trees in the forest. It depends what it the purpose of your image: do you want to present an animal or something else… It is totally your own choice! Nice B&W photo of a frog. It looks scary 😁

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