Vintern hittar inte ut

Strömstad och Bullarebygden – 24 och 26 feb 2023

Publicerad av Hans

The blog is an attempt to give you all a piece of life in the outdoors. The richnes of life that is interwoven in an unbelievable pattern. Where we as humans are just one of the species in the crowd. A humble approach to nature should be our starting point.

6 reaktioner till “ÅTERVÄNDSGRÄND

  1. I really like the way you composed the first photo with the pole in the middle and snow flying everywhere. The second photo shows the power of the landscape and the third (such a beautiful hint at what might be there) shows its depth. Nice series!


  2. Interesting, I like the way it works. Sometimes dark is really good, right?
    I hope you’re seeing a few signs of spring. Maybe you have some willows that show color?
    We actually had the first of the very tender spring wildflowers bloom a few weeks ago and then it got well below freezing for a few days. Those flowers probably didn’t make it but others will take their place.



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