Björkstudie #5


Rogens naturreservat, Härjedalen – 29 januari 2023

Publicerad av Hans

The blog is an attempt to give you all a piece of life in the outdoors. The richnes of life that is interwoven in an unbelievable pattern. Where we as humans are just one of the species in the crowd. A humble approach to nature should be our starting point.

8 reaktioner till “Björkstudie #5

    1. Thanks, sometimes simplicity wins. The variety of hanging lichens on the edge of this protected primeval forest environment is very large. Key species that show the need for protection but also figuratively say that the forest has reached a respectable age with a long beard as an attribute.


      1. Exactly! Where I live, the air is clean and there are some relatively undisturbed forests so we have many lichens, too. I’ve grown to love them. And when you learn about how they work they are even more amazing.

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